Behind One Track Colorado

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Our little shop has transformed over the last few years, but there's a good story behind it too. So let's start there.

I grew up in Phoenix and went to college in Flagstaff, AZ (if you haven't been to Flagstaff - you should go! It's not the typical "hot Arizona" stereotype you hear about). This is where I met my amazing husband, Will. We loved the Flagstaff climate and seemingly unlimited outdoor activities we could experience in the woods. We quickly learned that Flagstaff is a great college town, but a very expensive place to live and with limited job opportunities.

Like most AZ college graduates, we moved to Phoenix after graduation (and after getting married ❤!) where jobs were aplenty. Our "2 year plan" of living in Phoenix quickly (where does the time go?!?) became 10. By this time, we had 2 young daughters and were living near Queen Creek. We were both commuting for work over 30 minutes each way and my husband was handling all the school transportation for our oldest daughter. We were exhausted with not enough time in the day for anything. But we still dreamed that one day we would find ourselves in a cooler climate with more opportunities for our kids.

The Vision

Colorado had always been a favorite of ours as we'd visited friends there several times over the years. We'd looked tentatively at jobs in Colorado for years, but never very seriously. Around May of 2017, I visited my good friend from high school (and college!) in Colorado Springs on a surprise trip for her birthday. We spent an afternoon and drove to Woodland Park. I was sold! Here we could get into the mountains within 20 minutes while taking advantage of better school systems and learning and sports activities for the kids!

Colorado Bound

After returning back to AZ after that trip, Will and I decided we would look more seriously at making the move. We determined that if one of us landed a good job near Colorado Springs, we would make the move and figure the rest out.

Looking back, I don't remember where we found that strength or conviction to make that decision, but we are so glad we did!

Fast forward to October 2017 - we were all settled into Colorado Springs in a little rental house, enjoying season ski passes to Loveland Ski Resort and exploring our new state! 

The Origin of the Decal

Once we got our Colorado license plates, Will decided he wanted a decal for our cars to represent our new state. If you've been to Colorado, you know these are EVERYWHERE! We didn't want one that everyone had though, so Will created his own. And with our vinyl cutting machine we had, we cut out the first decal (which was designed to be all black, but with a translucent-silver center). We got so many comments on it, that I created an Etsy shop and we listed it there. Sales started off slowly, but soon we had customers wanting different sizes and colors of the same design. After 3 years on Etsy, we now offer 4 sizes and 4 different color schemes and have done several custom sized ones too!

Our Passion

While I think it's important you know where we came from and how we got to this place, it's important you know our passion. We have met so many wonderful people here in Colorado and every single one of them is so proud to be here and shares our love of mountains, forests and the outdoors.

Whether you currently live in Colorado, used to live here and miss it, or just love to come visit and play here, we want to help you keep a piece of Colorado with you to show your love of this beautiful state!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for stopping in, reading our story and supporting our little business! If you'd like to keep in touch and be the first to hear about new products, be sure to Subscribe!